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Why Join LABP?

There are many reasons to be part of this dynamic and vibrant association. If you are a business person, professional, tradesman, merchant or restaurateur, LABP works tirelessly to help you grow. The Partnership promotes both growth of the entire Lake Anna market and the market shares of our members.

If you are no longer an active business but still want to be active in the business community, LABP has a wide range of volunteer opportunities as well as the monthly After Hours Socials where you can meet new friends. Our members are the best and brightest of Lake Anna and we invite you to join us. There is strength in numbers and a lot of fun awaits you!

Lake Anna Business Partnership

LABP Member Benefits

The benefits of membership in LABP are many. Here are a few:

  • New website promoting Lake Anna. To include Area Happenings with highlights on Member Events. 
  • Business Directory with direct Links to member web pages. 
  • Connectivity to local and state policy makers. 
  • Networking Opportunities. 
  • Referrals among members. 
  • (2 Lake Anna Information Centers) 
  • Lake Anna Spring Festival / Business expo. 
  • Advertising Lake Anna statewide in Virginia Guide. 
  • Discover Lake Anna brochure. 
  • Great special events that promote the lake. 

After Hours Monthly Events 

Join your friends and colleagues each month for a social gathering at 12 different locations around the lake area, complete with a complimentary catered menu and cash bar. Local and regional Guest speakers are part of most events, keeping members and guests up to date on important matters affecting the lake region. Members may also sponsor an After Hours event and make a personal presentation to the group. 

Government Advocacy 

LABP works actively with local and state government, and key non-government organizations (NGOs) regarding issues of interest to Lake Anna businesses and residents. Through LABP’s government liaison, members have a committed advocate in legislative, regulatory and government operational matters. 

The Lake’s Premiere Business Networking 

Lake Anna Business Partnership was created as a non-profit entity in 2001 by a group of business owners and home owners alike, to promote travel and tourism in Lake Anna, Virginia, improve business conditions and promote regional growth while preserving Lake Anna’s beauty. The Partnership is funded through membership dues and fund-raising events.

LABP Logo for member websites! 

Be proud to be one of the most successful organizations on the lake. Place the “LABP Member” logo on your web site to let people know that you are a member of “The Partnership!”

Download logo here 

LABP Business Directory 

The directory is distributed in printed form in The Central Virginian newspaper and at the Information Center, and in electronic form via the business directory section on the website. Copies are also made available upon request to member businesses for distribution across their counters. 

Information Center Advertising 

Only Lake Anna Business Partnership members may place their brochures and advertisements in the Information Center for visitors to our area. The Partnership’s first Information Center is located at the heavily traveled intersection of Routes 208 and 522 adjacent to Dickinson’s Store. 

VisitLakeAnna.Org Web Presence 

The professionally managed  web site is designed to promote statewide interest in the Lake Anna region, and to provide support for LABP member businesses. Members may submit information about their events for inclusion in the site’s calendar and request a hypertext link from the LABP site to their business websites. You can email us at

Press Coverage 

“The Partnership” issues press releases to local and regional publications regarding various aspects of issues and information that affects the Lake Anna area. In addition, LABP activities and events are regularly covered by local news outlets.